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    The Loop

"The Loop" is a 5-hole course, played on holes 1-5, designed for three different types of golfers. Maybe you're one of them...

  1. The Beginner Golfer, Junior Golfer or Family to have FUN and get introduced to the course 
  2. The Avid Golfer looking for an alternative to just hitting balls on the range
  3. The Golfer looking to sneak out for a few holes in an hour and a half

The Loop cost $14.00 per player including cart (public, member, junior or senior). This course is offered one hour after our Member Late Twilight which is approximately 2 1/2 hours before sunset. Please check with the Pro Shop for specific times as they change throughout the year. The Loop can be played 7 days a week and you can make a tee time for it by calling the golf shop at 714.998.3041 or booking online. On the back-side of the scorecard we have listed some Fun Games and some Practice Games for you to try while on the course. 

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